10. to 12.05.2024
Seifenfabrik Graz


Are you a fan of anime, manga or gaming? Then HanamiCon is just the thing for you! For three days you can meet up with like-minded people and celebrate in a great environment with competitions, events, parties and lots of specials! Let’s have fun together!

You can expect various stage program items on all three days, as well as competitions, shows, demonstrations and, above all, lots of entertainment.

Visit our vendor and artist booths at HanamiCon to discover unique treasures, enjoy exclusive offers and network in a community of like-minded people.
We have also set up our own gaming area where visitors can try out various games or take part in tournaments.

We have also invited a selection of cosplay guests, singers and voice actors to interact with guests at the event, sign autographs, and hold various panels and workshops.

Voice Actors: Sven Plate “the voice of Bugs Bunny” and Konrad Bösherz “the voice of Yugi Muto, Ichigo Kurosaki and Suzaku Kururugi”, will be on site at Hanamicon 2024. You will have the opportunity to ask your questions or get autographs at the Q&A panel.

Con Party: one of our highlights is the Aftercon Party. On Saturday you can party until the early hours of the morning, dancing and singing with your friends or enjoying a cocktail at our bar.

Cosplayball: Our ball is very popular as it not only offers an impressive opening and midnight show, but also the election of the king and queen of the ball, a live DJ and a varied cocktail bar.

Konrad Bösherz – The voice of Yugi Muto, Ichigo Kurosaki and many more.

There will be a Q&A panel live on stage, as well as autograph sessions.

Sven Plate – The voice of Bugs Bunny

There will be a Q&A panel live on stage, as well as autograph sessions.

Aftercon Party – by Dj Shen

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HanamiCon 2023

Wir bedanken uns für eine großartige Con!

Die HanamiCon 2023 ist Geschichte, doch nicht vergessen! Um euch erneut in Erinnerungen schwelgen zu lassen, haben wir dieses Video für euch, in dem ihr die Highlights der Con noch mal erleben könnt. Danke für euren Besuch, wir freuen uns auf nächstes Jahr!

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