Become a Helper

Helper registration

Without helpers, the con would be impossible. Were happy about everyone who is willing to help. Do you want to see a con from the other side for once? Here you have the opportunity!

You have to be 16 years, to be a helper.

What is required of me as a helper?

You should work well with other people and stay calm in stressful situations. Its our goal to make the event as enjoyable as possible, and every helper is therefor important.

I want to help, but only have time during one day.

Were looking for helpers, that have time during all 3 days. You should be able to arrive on friday at 12, so you dont miss the orientation.

Can i choose where i want to help?

During registration, you can select areas, you prefer. But please be aware, that we can not follow every single wish to guarantee an even helper spread on all areas.

What do i get?

Helpers also have advantages: You get a free ticket, free food and drinks, a HanamiCon shirt, and also a Ticket for HanamiCon 2019.

I want to help! Can i even see anything of the HanamiCon?

Each helper has a fixed amount of hours. Your time slots will be done together with the area managers, and they will consider that you want to see certain events. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that you can see every single event you want to.

Registration ends on  03.03.2019
If you have any other questions, write us at