Cosplay Ball (EN)

„mystical creatures“

This is the theme of this years Cosplay Ball

Get your tickets here!

  • you will receive a complimentary glass of champagne upon entering 🌸
  • Get lots of different drinks and cocktailsat he bars
  • Be prepared for spectacular show acts!.
  • throw in your hat for king and queen of the ball
  • Host Club
  • Live Dj
  • amm….


Ball: 19:00 – 24:00 Uhr
Disco: 24:00 – 3:00 Uhr

Age restriction:

under 14 only with parental guidance
14 – 16 Jahren until 23:00 without parental guidance
after 23:00 with parental guidance (until 18 years)


Please bring an ID(Passport, drivers licence, etc)


No Gos

  • No Jeans (black only depending on outfit)
  • No daily clothing like shirts, pullover, tank tops, shorts, etc
  • No morph suits, animal or monster costumes (Furry suits)
  • No sexual costumes/too much skin (Chest and butt have to be covered)
  • No visible legs for male outfits
  • no caps
  • No flip flops, or training/sport shoes.
  • No weapons like swords, guns or axes (can be  checked at the wardrobe)
  • No helmets
  • No wings that extend from your body
  • No fake blood


  • Crossplay
  • Fancy dress, as well as fitting Cosplays
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Hoop skirts
  • veils
  • Dresses can show bare shoulders
  • Hair accessories like tiaras, crowns, flowers etc
  • Hats, horns or animal ears
  • Dress Uniforms

for questions, email us at

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