Cosplay Debut (EN)

It is important for us to show, that Cosplay is about Fun! 

presented by  Spark7

Therefor, this Contest is specifically made for Cosplay-Newcomers, because we want to give you a platform to show your work!

In this contest, it doesnt matter that every seam sits perfectly, that some parts are bought, or that parts of your costume dont fit the reference perfectly. The focus is on your Creativity and Ideas, because thats what makes cosplay amazing.



You can participate with anything that is at least 40% self made. OCs and adaptations of characters are allowed.
This Concept is specifically for Cosplay-Newcomers, therefor we take the right to deny applications, that are suspicious ( e.g. if you register with a costume, that has already won a prize).

During Pre-Judging, you have 5 minutes to convince the Jury of your Costume, and additionally, you have 30 seconds on stage, to win the audiences vote. A performance is not neccessary, but you are free to perform if you want to.

Please add at least 1 to 3 refence images to your application (for OCs, sketches are allowed), and send them as a .zip or .rar file. File sizes shouldnt exceed 5 MB.


1 Place: 150€ + Non Cash Prizes
2 Place: 100€ + Non Cash Prizes
3. Place 50€ + Non Cash Prizes



You can apply by sending an Email to

To apply, please copy the Info below into your Email and fill it out: 

Subject: Cosplay Debut Application 2020 (Your Name)


First Name*:



Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.):

Character Name*:

Source Name ( Movie/Anime/Game/etc)*:


*Neccessary info

Please attach the following files:

  • Reference Images of the Character (1-5 Pictures)

Important! We only accept applications in this format. Sending any other format will result in your application being invalid.

Important! maximum size per file is 5MB, maximum size for the email is 25 MB!

Application ends on 27.03.2020

We may be doing a preselection depending on the number of applications . Rules can be changed slightly until the convention. In case you have any questions, please send a message to

we wish you luck and lots of fun for the Cosplay Debut Contest at HanamiCon!