Cosplay Contest (EN)

presented by spark7

One of the main program points at HanamiCon is the Cosplay Contest!

Register until 27. 03. 2020 at with the required info and convince the jury in prejudging and the audience during the catwalk with your costume!
A performance is not required!


to register, send an email to

Required info:

  • Name and Surname (will not be published, first name only if requested)
  • Nickname (if you have one)
  • E-Mail
  • Name and Series of the character
  • A link to a download where you have all reference images in a .zip or .rar file (via Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.)

Registration on site is not possible!

Registration Deadline is 27. 03. 2020

This year, spark7 again presents the contest and provides Cash prizes for the top 3.
Additionally, non-cash-prozes are provided by!


1. Place – 300€ + non-cash-prizes
2. Place – 150€ + non-cash-prizes
3. Place – 50€ +  non-cash-prizes


  • A Prejudging will be held by a Jury on site
  • The contest is graded by a grade system
  • for pairs and groups from 3 people, the score of each person will be averaged by summing them up and dividing through the number of people.
  • The stage presence/walk on should be between 20 – 30 Seconds long
  • No vistiros can be harmed by your costume, the shooting of props or any dangerous acts.
  • The Costume and Stage presentation need to be FSK 16 or below
  • Weapons not conform with the weapon and house rules are only permitted during the contest on stage, and have to be checked at the wardrobe for the rest of the event.
  • liquids are not permitted on stage.
  • A helper can be used on stage
  • Self designed characters (OCs) are allowed
  • Starting numbers are given based on registration
  • Winners are announced during the awards ceremony on Saturday, 04. 04. 2020
  • By registering, participants give consent that they can be filmed/photographed and the material can be used for promotional purposes for the following years.